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Living With A Disability And Dating

Living With A Disability And Dating

Living with a disability can be a challenge for most people who are disabled in one way or another. There is a lot of misinformation when it comes to disabled living especially when it comes to relationships. The truth of the matter is that disabled people are very human and they also need to love and feel loved. Here are some of the ways of living a disabled life yet building and enjoying relationships.

Appreciate Yourself First

The first step for anyone trying to lead a fulfilled life is accepting yourself the way you are. Most disabled people feel like they do not have anything to offer anyone and this may lead to self-blame and hatred. It is important to like oneself the way you are created. This will draw people towards you. Knowing your strengths and weaknesses is also an important part of knowing and appreciating yourself.

Show Your Inner Self To Others

Outward appearance and beauty is not always the key towards attracting another person. Most people living with a disability always avoid reaching out to normal people for the fear of being rejected because of their impairment. On the contrary, most people actually look at the character of a person as well as their values. Talking to people and letting them judge you by what you stand for and your character is one great way of building lasting relationships

Get Knowledge

Most disabled people experience certain limitations when it comes to access to information. This is usually propagated by lack of mobility or the inability to grasp information fast especially for those who have mental impairments. Most disabled people lack information on what sexuality entails and as a result, building sexual relationships is severed as most of them shy away from such topics. However, one can get relevant information by watching television, reading books or working with a professional who will take their time to explain to them about their sexuality and how to function in a relationship.

Choose A Disabled Person For A Partner

Most disabled people usually find comfort and are confident in finding a significant other who is also disabled. This is mainly because, they do not have to prove themselves and most of the time their disabled partner would not criticize them. If you feel comfortable being in a relationship with another disabled person than you would with a normal person, it would be best to go for the former. There are many disabled dating websites available and one of the best that we have come across is DisabledDatingClub.com – it’s been around for many years and has thousands of members all over the world.

Find A Balance In Your Relationship

Whether you opt to be in a relationship with a normal person or one who has a disability, it is important to strike a balance between you two so as to lead a more fulfilled life. In this age where equality is preached, there is lesser stigma when it comes to disabled dating. However, the couple should strive to benefit wholly from the relationship by taking into consideration the needs of their partner.

Just like normal people, persons with disabilities can enjoy the company of others but this depends on how positive and responsive they are. This attracts people to them than a negative attitude and perspective of life would.