Disabled Holiday Ideas

Disabled Holiday Ideas

Plan your holiday without limits!

Taking a holiday may present challenges when you are disabled. However, having fun and enjoying yourself can be made possible provided you have the right ideas for your holiday. The good news is that there are lots of fantastic opportunities for you and partner to have a fun holiday without limits. Travel agencies and companies now organize holidays for people with physical disabilities and advise on various destinations that would be best for you.

The trick is to know the right places and travel agencies to approach. Here are some ideas:

Holiday Cottages.

Ground floor cottages would be excellent especially when your mobility is limited or you are having walking difficulties. These cottages are self-contained, suited for people with wheelchairs, and they ensure that you are able to access all areas with ease. However, it is important to know whether that the cottages have someone on standby in case anything goes wrong or when you need help.

Go On A Cruise!

Ships are now made to suit all people regardless of their abilities or disabilities. With ramps and adapted vehicles, you are assured of a lovely cruise with access to all areas of the ship making your experience worthwhile. This is also a good opportunity to enjoy the water and the sun while you are outdoors.


There are Safari agencies that have specialized in organizing safaris for people with limited mobility. Tourists are able to travel in adapted vehicles with guides and are advised on which lodges or tented camps would be suitable for them. Such safaris are a great way of immersing yourself in fun activities in the wild while touring different places.

Ski Trips

If you love skiing, then a ski resort is the place to be for your perfect holiday with your loved one! With special equipment and qualified instructors, such agencies organize ski lessons for people with physical disabilities. The ski lessons are fun and a plus is that you can always bring your family along as there are activities for everyone!

Activity Holidays

Some travel agencies organize trips to getaway places for nature lovers filled with fun activities and outdoor adventures. If you love canoeing, rock climbing or sailing, such places are where you and your partner need to be. This is also an opportunity to interact with other disabled people and create memories while on holiday.

Planning should be done well in advance to ensure that you know all there is to about your destination and to avoid surprises that could have been avoided with proper early planning.

Booking of flights should be done early enough to avoid paying tickets at very expensive rates during the high season. Different countries have different peak seasons so it is important to find what time the peak season for your destination is, so that you make your booking well in advance.

It is important that you do the planning together and consult with your travel agent as often as may be needed, to ensure you get everything right.