About Us

Some people seem to abhor the idea of disabled dating. I’ve seen this firsthand as I struggled to navigate through the maze of misconceptions about disabled people trying to find friendship and romance through dating. However, putting these negative assumptions aside, I’ve decided to stand by the fact that everyone has the right to love and be loved.

Just because I have a disability doesn’t mean I should sacrifice the chances I have when it comes to finding love and getting into a meaningful relationship. Dating is of course a very complicated thing. Even people who have no disabilities struggle with it. What more if you are disabled? But I assure you, the road to finding love may be quite a challenge but it can be done. Whatever disability you have, you can do it.

I’m a disabled person myself so I know exactly what people like me are experiencing out there. I’ve been through the tests, so to speak. I can clearly remember the first time I went out for a date. Although excited, I was also nervous and scared. There’s always the added burden of having to deal with the fact that I was disabled. This ate away at my confidence as I waited for my date. But the good news was this soon came to pass the moment my date arrived. The person was really nice and accommodating. The date went fine from there. We even joked about my predicament quite a few times.

It was a huge learning experience for me. The most important lesson I learned from that first date was this: “Don’t ever take your disability too seriously?” Because if you do, it can cause the person you are dating to feel awkward or uncomfortable.

I’m not saying that all the other dates I’ve had after that first encounter went well. As dating goes, there will always be the bad apples. Of course, the dating experience will also depend on whether you are dating a normal person or one who is disabled just like you. I’ve dated people from both and in most cases, disability really isn’t much of an issue. Naturally, it’s easier to date someone who is also disabled but you shouldn’t use this as an excuse to not date a normal person. I was able to do it so you can as well. It’s all in the way you approach people and how confident you are in asking them out.

Because of my experiences with disabled dating, I’ve decided to create this blog as a source of information or even inspiration for fellow disabled people out there who are struggling when it comes to dating. Honestly speaking, it’s a bit harder for us to find dates because of our disabilities but with the right attitude and with the right tools, finding someone to have dinner or watch a movie with is achievable. When I say “tools”, I’m referring in particular to online dating sites, mobile apps, and other internet-based networking sites. I’ve used these tools to connect and communicate with other disabled persons online. And some of these have lead to enjoyable and fun dates.

Enjoy my site!

John Sage